Service on settlement of land disputes

Land dispute is a dispute over the rights and obligations of land users between two or more parties in a land relationship. This is one of the common disputes in Vietnam today. Given the value and long history of land use rights, the disputes involved are very complex and often have to be resolved by a combination of different methods. Some common types of land disputes in practice are:

  • Disputes over land use rights: inheritance, divorce, donation, boundary…
  • Disputes over rights and obligations arising in the process of land use: disputes during contract performance, disputes over compensation and resettlement support when the State recovers land
  • Disputes over land use purposes: disputes over rice land and shrimp farming land, disputes over the purpose of common paths….

These disputes greatly affect the economic rights and interests of the participants, requiring a reasonable, quick and timely resolution.

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With a team of highly qualified lawyers with practical experience, Hong Bang Law is a leading law firm in this field. With more than 10 years of experience, we have participated in dispute resolution for many large companies and partners, helping them protect their legitimate rights and interests.

Methods of settling land disputes

At present, the methods of land dispute settlement are actively chosen by the involved parties depending on the subjective will and purpose of the dispute.

  • Procedures: through judgment, trial by civil procedure, administrative procedure;
  • Administrative method: through administrative decisions by administrative procedures;
  • Mediation method: the disputing parties through an intermediary (Mediator/mediation center) together discuss and agree to come to an agreement on a solution to their disagreement and voluntarily implement it. plan agreed through mediation.
  • Mode of negotiation: the disputing parties negotiate, dialogue and then come to an agreement to resolve disagreements and voluntarily implement the agreed plan.

In essence, mediation and negotiation are approaches to resolving disputes by peaceful means. As for the settlement by procedural and administrative methods, it is through binding judgments and decisions with the participation of agencies implementing state power.

Services provided by Hong Bang Law

 Hong Bang Law’s biggest motto is giving our clients true value, which is the most exact and useful legal advice helping our clients to successfully solve their problems and achieve the best efficiency.

With the help and songs of Law Hong Bang, clients can:

  • Receive expert advice, assessment and judgment on the dispute.
  • Choose the right dispute resolution method for the situation.
  • Limit costs incurred, save time when resolving disputes, and keep information absolutely confidential.
  • Protect their legitimate rights and interests.
  • Limit many legal risks

Hong Bang Law will accompany customers throughout the process of settling contract disputes, through the following specific tasks:

  • Advising on the rights and obligations of the parties in the contractual relationship;
  • Consulting to determine the basis for dispute settlement and the legal basis for dispute settlement;
  • Consulting, preparing to contact and negotiate with related parties in the settlement of contract disputes;
  • Organize the negotiation and conciliation of the parties to contract disputes, represent the negotiation and conciliation for customers;
  • Exchange and guide customers to collect documents and evidence, provide information;
  • Authorized representative lawyers meet and discuss with Arbitration agencies, Courts, and judgment enforcement agencies to best protect the legal rights and obligations of clients.

Time and cost

Depending on the complexity of each case in practice, the required time and cost for each case vary. Therefore, to receive the most detailed and closest information to your case, please contact Hong Bang Law.

If you need more detailed advice and answers as well as how to access this service, please contact directly the Deputy Director of Sales: Lawyer Nhat Nam via hotline: 0912.35.65.75, 0912.35.53.53 or call the toll free legal consultation hotline 1900.6575 or send a service request via email:

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