Organizational structure of a single-member limited liability company owned by an organization

Legal basis

  • Enterprise Law 2020
  • Decree 01/2021/ND-CP on business registration
  • Circular 01/2021/TT-BKHDT guiding business registration issued by the Ministry of Planning and Investment

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First, A single-member limited liability company owned by an organization shall apply one of the two models below:

  • A company with a President and the Director/General Director;
  • A company with a Board of Members and the Director/General Director.

In case the company’s owner is a state-owned enterprise prescribed in Clause 1 Article 88 of Enterprise Law 2020, a Board of Controllers shall be established. The establishment of a Board of Controllers in other cases shall be decided by the company. The organizational structure, working regulations, standards, requirements, dismissal, rights, duties and responsibilities of the Board of Controllers and Controllers are specified in Article 65 of Enterprise Law 2020.

Second, The company shall have at least one legal representative who holds the title of:

  • Resident of the Board of Members, 
  • the company’s President or 
  • Director/General Director. 

Unless otherwise prescribed by the company’s charter, the President of the company or President of the Board of Members shall be the company’s legal representative.

Third, Unless otherwise prescribed by the company’s charter, organizational structure, functions, rights and duties of the Board of Members, the company’s President, the Director/General Director shall comply with Enterprise Law 2020.

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