The Anti-competitive agreements

According to Clause 4 Article 3 of Competition Law 2018: “Anti-competitive agreement” means arrangements made by parties in any form, which causes or may cause anti-competitive effects”. The anti-competitive agreement is one of the anti-competitive practices prescribed under Clause 2 Article 3 of this law.

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As set forth in Article 11 of Competitive law 2018, the Anti-competitive agreements include the agreements as follow: 

  • Agreements on directly or indirectly fixing goods or service prices.
  • Agreements on distributing customers, consumption market, sources of supply of goods, provision of services.
  • Agreements on limiting or controlling the quantity, volume of produced, purchased, sold goods or provided services.
  • Agreements for one of more parties to the agreements to win tenders when participating in tenders for supply of goods or services.
  • Agreements on preventing, restraining, disallowing other enterprises from entering the market or develop business.
  • Agreements on abolishing from the market enterprises other than the parties to the agreements.
  • Agreements on restricting technical or technological development and investments.
  • Agreement on imposing on other enterprises conditions for signing of goods or services purchase or sale contracts or forcing other enterprises to accept obligations which have no direct connection with the subject of such contracts.
  • Agreements on not trading with enterprises other than the parties to the agreements.
  • Agreements on restricting consumption market, sources of supply of goods and services from enterprises other than the parties to the agreements.
  • Other agreements that cause or may cause anti-competitive effects.

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