Official assessment of economic concentration

According to the provisions of Article 37 of the Competition Law, the National Competition Commission shall officially appraise the economic concentration within 90 days from the date of issue of the notice of preliminary examination results with the content that the economic concentration must be formal appraisal.

Mua lại doanh nghiệp khác không bị coi là tập trung kinh tế khi nào?

For complicated cases, the National Competition Commission may extend the official appraisal for no more than 60 days and notify in writing the enterprise submitting the economic concentration notice.

Contents of official appraisal of economic concentration include:

  • a) Assessment of the impact or possibility of significant anti-competitive effects of the economic concentration in accordance with Article 31 of the Competition Law and measures to remedy the anti-competitive effects;
  • b) Assess the positive impact of the economic concentration under the provisions of Article 32 of the Competition Law and measures to enhance the positive impact of the economic concentration;
  • c) Synthesized assessment of the possibility of anti-competitive effects and the possibility of positive effects of an economic concentration to serve as a basis for consideration and decision on the economic concentration.

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